My life is made up of many things places and events that shape my being and my future. I have 2 children and I love capturing our lives as they go by. That's why I got into photography to capture our lives as the days go by. Then I started to capture everyone around me as well and grew to love it and felt the need to help people capture their moments as well. Whether it be a football game, Birthday, Family image to last a lifetime for your wall to show everyone who enters your Home who makes up YOU.

That is why we share our photos on Facebook or on the wall, it`s so people can see what makes us happy and sometimes sad. Then sometimes going through old memories of our lost ones to make us smile, cry and relive the memories of our Beloved. If you had no photos you would only have your memories to picture in your head, I think having the image in your hand brings back that full feeling of the time and day, the scent or sound. I feel its important to capture everything we can, LOL and my facebook proves it I must have about 10,000 images on their I think my favorites are the Selfies. Who does not love a Selfie.